Discovery Group is a New Orleans-based marketing company that serves clients with global operations.  Our shipping issues always seemed, to us, to be very complicated….

  • · First, we ship material to upwards to 20 locations internationally
  • · The weight of our shipments can range from as little as letters weighing a few ounces to pallets weighing several tons
  • · Many of our shipments require assembling a wide array of materials into one package, with detailed instructions to the recipients

We simply didn’t have the time or knowledge to do this either efficiently or cost effectively.  We’d tried other shippers but could never find anyone who could handle our needs.  Then we discovered Xpress Pak-n-ship.

They immediately “got it.”  Not only was their entire staff extremely responsive, they took the quagmire of international shipping complexities off of our shoulders and assumed total responsibility for getting the packages to the recipients all over the globe.  They took big, complicated and time consuming collating projects and just ran with them for us.  And, they did it all for a much lower cost than we or our clients could have ever realized.  I have to tell you, when you can beat the freight rates that your client normally gets from the usual international shipping companies…it makes you look good.

So we strongly recommend you using Xpress Pak-N-Ship.  Whether you’re simply shipping across the state to your family or around the world like we at DG do, Xpress Pak-N-Ship will get the job done for the best rate possible…and make you look good at the same time.  And really, isn’t that what it’s all about?

Rob Sanders
Discovery Group

I wanted to take a minute to express on what a great job Tommy Jeanne of Xpress Pak-N-Ship did for us last Christmas. I am the President of an insurance agency in Tucson Arizona with clients in over 35 states. Sending out Christmas gifts has always been a hassle, that is until last year when a friend of mine told me about Tommy.

Tommy had a great selection of unique gifts which were very affordable.. Best of all he takes care of all the shipping at an extremely competitive rate. My customers loved their Louisiana Oranges, Madden Turkey’s, and King Cakes.

If you want to take the hassle out of shopping for client gifts I highly recommend Xpress Pak-N-Ship and Tommy Jeanne. He is professional, friendly, fair priced and fast! Last year we had the best feedback from our customers in over 20 years thanks to Tommy.
Please consider Tommy for all of you corporate gifts.

Cody Ritchie
Compass Insurance
Tucson, Arizona
I frequently used Xpress Pak-N-Ship while manging an office in New Orleans. I utilized the store for the numerous packing and shipping needs required to successfully market and facilitate the furniture manufacturing company I was working with. I found the business to be professional and easy to work with. They streamlined all my office needs and did much of the legwork for me.
Since I have started my own business I still rely on Xpress Pak-N-Ship for shipping and all the professional needs I need for my home office.

Lance Vargas
Houndstooth Media
New Orleans, Louisiana