Xpress Pak-N-Ship offers a variety of business services for your professional or personal needs. Among them:

Furniture and household

Antiques and modern furniture and accessories can be shipped anywhere. Whether you bought it on the Internet or during your vacation, we can handle the expert packing and shipping of your heavy furniture. It doesn’t matter if it is assembled or boxed, we can get it anywhere you need it in perfect condition.

Are you moving an entire business or household? Let Xpress Pak-N-Ship handle the headaches while you adjust to your new life. We handle everything from the packing and unpacking to the shipping and scheduling. We will offer you the best prices available for getting your goods to their destinations.

Seasonal gifts shipping

If you are a little overwhelmed managing your Christmas, anniversary or birthday shopping, let Xpress Pak-N-Ship help. Use our database of gift items to send to your friends and family during those special times. Just call in and have them sent to whatever address you like. Once you send a gift, that address will be in our system in case you need to use it next year.

With years of experience in the shipping and mail business, Xpress Pak-N-Ship knows all there is to shipping gifts and seasonal packages. We make sure the items are properly packaged. We can advise which items can or can not be shipped legally. We can help you cut corners on shipping costs by recommending lighter, smaller gifts with similar sentimental value. We know the best time to ship gifts and can estimate when the quickest (or slowest) times are through the year.

Overseas shipping

Do you need to ship something to your brother stationed in Singapore? Or perhaps he needs to ship something to you? Dealing with customs can be challenging if you don’t have experience. Xpress Pak-N-Ship has the experience and knowledge to ease the process and avoid many of the delays of international shipping.

We also are versed in the numerous rules and regulations that go along with international shipping, such as: prohibited items, better packing due to a large number of transfers along the way, and varying rates for countries and territories.

We will make the process much easier on you and your relations overseas.

Bulky items

Have you just bought that video game you always wanted online? And now you have no idea how to get it to your doorstep? Are you considering renting a truck to go pick it up? Please, consider us first. Xpress Pak-N-Ship has shipped hundreds of large and bulky items for our customers over the years. We have the know-how to get your piano, pool table or motorcycle where it’s going undamaged and on time. We pack it and ship it for you.

We will pick up your item and offer you the best price with the best packing. We can ship almost anything almost anywhere. Whether it is on a pallet or free standing, in one piece or many we can get it to its destination. This includes precious cargo like pets or livestock.

Hi-Fi and Digital Electronics

Many of today’s high end electronics and computer parts require exceptional care in shipping. If you are shipping a television, PC or stereo, let Xpress Pak-N-Ship get it there is perfect working order. We know the requirements for shipping these fragile and valuable items. Just bring it in and drop it off and we will see to the rest.

We will remove ink cartridges and toner to prevent spilling, wrap computer parts to prevent static charges from damaging the item and properly cushion items to prevent damages to sensitive parts during transit.


Shipping perishables is our specialty! Xpress Pak-N-Ship has years of experience shipping seafood, king cakes, turduckens satsumas and local seafood all over the world. We have shipped thousands of perishable packages during our time on Bellechasse highway and close proximity to charter boats and satsuma groves in Plaquemines Parish.

With an emphasis on freshness and speed, we get your perishable package where it needs to go when it needs to be there. Our specialized packages and skills keep your cuisine in great shap all the way to the doorstep. We can ship anything, regardless of the size or amount.

We are adept at shipping seasonal items like king cakes during carnival, turduckens at Thanksgiving and Christmas, Crawfish in the Spring and any Gulf fish.

Please see our king cake, turducken, satsumas and seafood pages for more information.

Fragile crystal and china

Don’t fret over whether Aunt Norma’s delicate vase is going to survive the trip from New Orleans to Portland. Xpress Pak-N-Ship will be as critical as possible in their packing and shipping of your precious piece. Through use of double-boxing, bubble wrap, styrofoam peanuts and rigid outside packaging, we can provide the utmost degree of certainty that your item will arrive just as you sent it. Our packing techniques are designed to withstand even the most careless courier employees (and any accidents that may occur along the way).


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